Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas and Birthday

December 29th, 2014

So this week was pretty awesome. I don't remember when I've eaten so much in my life. Seriously. Everyone wanted us to eat with them. Soooo full. We actually didn't have to buy food last week and this week we're gonna be able to go without food as well just cuz of all the stuff people have given us. 

But we had a good day in church yesterday, we had 7 people asist! It was awesome! And a lot of them people thought that they were already members haha. 

Getting pretty busy here, they ask us to do a lot of things now on Mondays on the computer there's almost no time for it all. But I hope you all enjoyed you christmas and that you all enjoy a very happy new year!


Elder Warren

Merry Christmas!!!!

December 22nd, 2014

Well this week was pretty fun. We got together as the whole mission. If you went to the mission Mexico Reynosa page on Facebook, you probably found a pretty funny picture of me while we were playing some games. 

Sooo You remember Jaime? He almost told us that he didn't want to keep listening to us. The word of wisdom is super hard for him. We taught it to him this week. Mainly because he drinks and smokes. Drinking he said he can stop when he wants, but he's not sure if he can stop smoking. The good this is that he wants to. We're gonna help him though. He couldn't go to church for a commitment that he had from before but he'll be back next week. 

This sunday was pretty cool. Members of the chorus of the stake that are from our ward sang in the sacrament meeting then the whole stake chorus came to our ward after to sing in three different houses and all the members that lived close by went to those houses to listen to some carols. They actually sang really good, some of the best singing I've heard here in Mexico haha. 

Well this christmas should be a good one for us, we've been invited to like 5 different places to eat so we'll see how that goes. At least we won't go hungry haha. I've been told twice now that I've gained weight in the past year but oh well. You only mission once!

Well I love you all and hope that you have a wonderfully merry christmas!

Elder Warren

Another awesome week!

December 15th, 2014

Well something pretty cool that happened was that Jaime came to church again and accepted a baptismal date! He also has plans to get married this week! The Lord works in Mysterious ways. 

We also found a family super awesome. They invited us to a barbeque yesterday and just had a ton of questions for us and told us that people are never able to answer his questions so we said, well we'll be able to answer all of them. And we did! He's a really nice guy and wants us to come over every day to teach his kids how to be better haha. He also said he'd give us food whenever we came over which is pretty cool haha. 

Other than that well slowly we're progressing in the area, not digressing. (not sure if that's how it's spelled. I've gotten horrible at spelling since I've gone on the mission). We had 4 good investigators in church this sunday that we feel are going to be able to get baptized. The time I have I feel like is slipping between my fingers. Like, just going by way to fast. 

Well I love you all, everything is going great here, My companion is awesome, love my zone, and I love the mission!

Take care everyone! Until next week,

Elder Warren

Friday, December 12, 2014

Another week goes by

December 8th, 2014

Sooo this week was pretty cool!

Do you remember about the guy I told you about last week that we contacted that didn't want anything at first but then later told us that he wanted us to pass by with him? Well we went and he was there! He let us in and we taught him twice last week and he showed up to church! That was the best part! I feel like the Lord has really prepared this man to listen to the gospel. He isn't married but to get his pension, he needs a wedding certificate so he's already saving money to get married! Pretty awesome. 

Transfer week just happened. There was only one change, Elder Palma that lived with us in the same house is leaving. Actually he's already left and Elder De Los Santos is comming here. Also, in another area we have in the zone, they are recieving two extra missionaries. 

This week we didn't work that much because we had to go to Reynosa tuesday and Wednesday for a leadership training meeting and sunday we pretty much didn't work because of the Chritsmas Broadcast which was pretty awesome, I love hearing the music from the Tabernacle. 

Oh yeah, some exciting news! I'm now going to be arriving home Februrary 10th! So be prepared! 

Love you all!

Elder Warren

Happy Thanksgiving!

December 1st, 2014

Well, we were invited by probably the only family in our ward to joing them for Thanksgiving dinner! That was pretty nice! I'll admit, I saw the interception by the SeaHawks. But pretty much that was it. Still stayin focused. 

Yesterday something pretty awesome happened. So we were knocking on the door of a reference that we were trying to contact and a man steped out of his house next door to smoke a cigarette. The reference didn't answer the door so we went and started talking to this guy and it started out like it wouldn't be someone interested at all. Saying that you don't need to go to a church to worship God and that all the churches are full of hypocrites anyway and just want your money so he gave lots examples of how the churches are bad and we told him that it's not like that in the church that we represent, in every example. Then we breifly shared what we teach, that God has restored the authority to perform all of the ordinances again through a prophet. Then he asked "how could you believe such a thing as that?" So I said, "well, I prayed. And God told me through the Holy Ghost that these things are true." He replied, "What, so you can see God?" I said, "no. I prayed that's all. Do you believe that God can answer your prayers?" (Earlier in the conversation we had afirmed that he believes in the Bible, but that it has been changed a lot.) He said, "no, I don't think so." I replied, "Well Actually God can give us wisdom! As it says in Santiago 1:5" (I recited the scripture) then I bore my testimony again but with more power. He just kind of stood there a minute then said, "You know what, I'd like to talk with you guys. There's something different about you." We put an appointment to visit him thursday. Something I learned from that was that sometimes we try to hard using evidence to convince people of the truth and forget that the Holy Ghost is what testifies to them that these things are true. It wasn't until i really shared my testimony with him that he accepted to listen to us, because he felt something different and noticed our percistance. Pretty cool experience. 

One things for sure, you never stop learning! I mean, we will never reach a perfect knowledge in this life, but we should try to get as close as we can! Cuz it's a commandment! No one is saved in ignorance. 

Hey, I love you all. Hope you enjoyed your American Turkey and Gravy and Football! I'll be there for the next one! haha. 

CuĂ­dense mucho! Les amo!

Con amor,
Elder Warren

Keep getting better

November 24th, 2014

So something that I liked about this week was that we had continual improvement. Something that we put more effort into this week was pray that we would find people that have been prepared by the lord to listen and accept this message, and we´ve been able to find some good people! One guy came to church pretty much all on his own! We contacted him looking for someone else, and invited him to church. It was like any other  person, "oh well If I have time, I'll stop by there." What we didn't know, is that he has a cousin that goes to church! When his cousing saw him walk into church I think he was pretty suprised! That's why you should always invite people to church and give references! Because then the missionaries find them on their own and you'll say, "aww I could have given him as a reference but I never did.." Don't pre-judge anyone! So the way we found him was pretty cool. We contacted a lady on the corner and she said that she doesn't live here, she was visiting her mom. We asked where her mom lived and she kind of told us where she lived. It was something like, "Down that street, the second house after the white house." so yeah, we didn't find it haha. We knocked on one that we thought would be it but no one was home. So we went with the neighbor who was the guy that showed up to church this sunday. Pretty cool. 

So this week had some nice blessings in it. We had more investigators in the sacrament meeting which was a blessing as well. I just feel better when people go to church. If they don't go to church, I just feel sad. But not un-excited! It just excited to work even harder the next week! 

Time is flying by and I'm just not trying to think about how much time I really have left. I just want to work hard just as if it were any other day and it's still not time to think about home but I also have to plan at least a little what I'm gonna do when I get home. So options for work I'm still open to them! Tyler gave me a pretty nice offer that I'm considering, thanks man. 

I just love the happy feeling that the spirit gives, and I hate the feeling that you have when the spirit leaves. I just want to have the spirit always, because that's how you can really be happy!

Hope you all have a wonderfull week!