Friday, December 12, 2014

Keep getting better

November 24th, 2014

So something that I liked about this week was that we had continual improvement. Something that we put more effort into this week was pray that we would find people that have been prepared by the lord to listen and accept this message, and we´ve been able to find some good people! One guy came to church pretty much all on his own! We contacted him looking for someone else, and invited him to church. It was like any other  person, "oh well If I have time, I'll stop by there." What we didn't know, is that he has a cousin that goes to church! When his cousing saw him walk into church I think he was pretty suprised! That's why you should always invite people to church and give references! Because then the missionaries find them on their own and you'll say, "aww I could have given him as a reference but I never did.." Don't pre-judge anyone! So the way we found him was pretty cool. We contacted a lady on the corner and she said that she doesn't live here, she was visiting her mom. We asked where her mom lived and she kind of told us where she lived. It was something like, "Down that street, the second house after the white house." so yeah, we didn't find it haha. We knocked on one that we thought would be it but no one was home. So we went with the neighbor who was the guy that showed up to church this sunday. Pretty cool. 

So this week had some nice blessings in it. We had more investigators in the sacrament meeting which was a blessing as well. I just feel better when people go to church. If they don't go to church, I just feel sad. But not un-excited! It just excited to work even harder the next week! 

Time is flying by and I'm just not trying to think about how much time I really have left. I just want to work hard just as if it were any other day and it's still not time to think about home but I also have to plan at least a little what I'm gonna do when I get home. So options for work I'm still open to them! Tyler gave me a pretty nice offer that I'm considering, thanks man. 

I just love the happy feeling that the spirit gives, and I hate the feeling that you have when the spirit leaves. I just want to have the spirit always, because that's how you can really be happy!

Hope you all have a wonderfull week!

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