Monday, January 19, 2015

A spiritual Sunday!

January 12th, 2015

Well this week was pretty good. Had an interchange with an american missionary that's just starting out, nah well he's got like 5 months in the mission something like that. Good guy, his name is Elder Hale. 

We're still going with Jaime, just that he's still smoking. Besides that he's going to church, reading the book of mormon, and knows it's true. Got any tips on how to help him?

Geronimo should be getting baptised this week. I don't think I told you about him, he's pretty cool. We found him like 5 weeks ago and he's just progressed like crazy, pretty awesome. 

So this week that we're starting will probably be my last week here in Las Torres because there's rumors that I'll be going down to district leader my last three weeks, which I actually wouldn't mind that much. I feel like now that I'm a zone leader, I know how to be a district leader. 

Sunday was pretty cool. A missionary just got home here and he gave a talk along with his mom and dad. The talks I likes more were actually from his mom and dad because they talked about how to be good parents, like really making prayer, scripture study, family home evening, and temple visits a part of your every day life. Also they mentioned that you have to be firm as a parent, but not hard or harsh. But that the both have to be firm, not just one. The husband and Wife have to have the same goal in mind. It made me think a bit on what kind of parent I'm going to be. I don't think it's too early to think about that, that's why we come on missions to prepare us to be parents. But I enjoyed this week a lot. Still workin hard guys. 

Well, I love you all hope you have an awesome week!

Elder Warren

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